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Why Free2Be

Free2Be Wellness Group Training

Founder, Buket Necip is a “burnout” survivor. After working in executive roles in the world of finance and fintech for over 20 years, she realized she was desperately missing … something. 

“COVID gave me an opportunity to see how much of my family and ‘me’ I missed,” she says. 

Buket realized she wasn’t alone in feeling disconnected from her true self. With a degree in Health Sciences and a passion for fitness and coaching, Free2Be Wellness grew from Buket’s knowledge that so many of us need to focus on our whole selves - our body, mind and soul. A unique take on wellness, Free2Be has transformed and elevated the outdated “gym” experience, creating instead a fully-equipped training studio that also offers float therapy, mindfulness and meditation practices, nutritional counselling, and an atmosphere of support and acceptance.


Here, you’re safe to be yourself as you discover and strengthen your body, your mind, and your soul.


Be Strong

Connect training and recovery to find your true strength


Be Whole

Access cutting-edge therapy, equipment and technology 


Be Calm

Foster a total mind-body connection


Be Confident

Enjoy personalized programs, designed for you


Be Fierce

Improve confidence
and well-being


Be Free

Feel accepted in a judgment free community 

Free2Be Wellness

The Facility

Free2Be Wellness Training Studios

Training Studios

This is no ordinary studio experience! Specializing in youth and adult athletic training, learn how to move your body safely and confidently. Hone your technique and condition your body with group or individual strength and HIIT workouts, or perfect your practice with Hybrid Yin Yoga, Zumba and Barre classes.

Float Therapy

Quiet the noise so you can hear and float away. Use float therapy to recover your body and mind and spark your spirit. During your session you can opt for silence, or choose a themed-float, narrated with a guided meditation to attune your personal goals with your unique health journey.

Free2Be Wellness Float Therapy

Our Methods

Free2Be Wellness
Free2Be Wellness
Free2Be Wellness Float Therapy
Free2Be Wellness

There’s More to
Your Health

Everything at Free2Be Wellness was designed for holistic health. Unlike your typical gym, our training studio is fully equipped with everything you need to reset, restore and reignite your body, mind, and soul. 

Go Beyond
the Gym

We have all the training equipment you would expect at a gym or yoga studio, plus the most advanced techniques to support your nutritional, and mental health. Join an in-person or virtual group class, or treat yourself to a personalized session. 

Float Away

Book a float therapy session to discover what total relaxation feels like. Experience a guided meditation and reap the benefits! Proven to induce relaxation, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, floats will help your body and mind recover. 


At Free2Be Wellness, we accept you as you are, wherever you are in your health journey. Our welcoming, judgment-free studio is a safe space for you to explore, train, reset, restore and reignite your passions. Here, you’re free to be you!

Meet The Coaches

Meet The Team
Free2Be Wellness Buket Necip
Buket Necip

Buket Necip

Owner, Lead Fitness & Nutrition Expert, Youth Training Coach, Group Instructor and Personal Trainer

Buket is a marathon runner and certified Fitness and Nutrition Expert who completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences (focus: Kinesiology) from the University of Western Ontario.


An entrepreneur and athlete at heart, Buket spent 20+ years in the finance industry where she experienced first hand the impact burnout can have on corporate athletes and their families.

Bringing together her personal journey, education and knowledge, Buket has stepped into her true calling - creating a safe space where she can help others find their true self through the mind and body connection.

Andrea MacDougall Free2Be Coach

Andrea MacDougall

Personal Trainer and Coach

As a retired RN turned health and wellness specialist, Andrea has always had a deep passion for holistic living. She always advocates for preventative health measures and proactive self and community wellness.

Andrea's core values include authenticity, integrity, consistency and passion.  She is dedicated to igniting fitness journeys. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a beginner or anything in between, Andrea tailors progressive and adaptable workouts to meet the unique needs of anyone she works with. She will make you sweat, have fun
and leave you wanting!

If not at a fitness arenas, you can find Andrea in her kitchen
juicing, baking or cooking, gardening, connecting with friends and family or organizing something else in her life.

She looks forward to challenging you to be YOUR MOST OPTIMAL YOU with atomic habits to create consistency in your wellness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At what age can I train at Free2Be Wellness?
    If you are 13 years or over, you are welcome to join our studio. A waiver is required for anyone under the age of majority.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Our monthly structure is pay as you go. Cancel anytime by emailing us at No cancellation fees apply.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept upfront or monthly payments online or in-person via debit or major credit card.
  • Can I book my class in advance?
    Plan Ahead: Whenever possible, plan your class bookings in advance to secure your spot and help us allocate resources effectively. Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel a class reservation, do so with a minimum of one hour's notice. Failure to provide the minimum cancellation notice will result in the usage of one class credit from your account.
  • Can I put my membership on hold?
    Hold Duration: Members can place their memberships on hold if they are away for a minimum of 2 weeks or longer, up to a maximum of three times within a year. Maximum Hold Length: The maximum length for each hold period is three months (90 days). Beyond this duration, regular membership fees will resume. Impact of Holds: Please be aware that holding your membership may have implications based on studio and membership changes that occur during the hold period. These impacts could include changes in membership rates, available classes, or other membership-related adjustments. Request Process: To request a membership hold, please contact our customer support team at least one week before your intended hold start date. This allows us to process your request efficiently and make any necessary adjustments to your account. Hold Limitations: Memberships cannot be held indefinitely. After reaching the maximum hold duration or utilizing the maximum number of holds within a year, regular membership billing will automatically resume.
  • What are the studio rules / code of conduct?
    We pride ourselves on providing a safe space for all of our members and staff. As such: All members and staff are treated equally, without judgment All members and staff are treated with respect, fairness and kindness Members wipe down equipment after personal use Equipment is shared and returned to its place after use Equipment is placed down softly, with control Ringers/notifications on cell phones are turned off. Please avoid speaking on the phone in our facility Float pod towels and flip flops are placed in the laundry baskets provided Our float therapy rooms are a quiet place Hands are sanitized upon entry
  • What is a float pod?
    A float pod is a sensory deprivation chamber that removes external distractions such as noise and light to help you reach a state of true relaxation. Due to the high epson salt content, it is thought that floating is similar to experiencing zero gravity.
  • Can I use the float pod if I’m pregnant?
    Yes! You can use the float pod while pregnant, however, we encourage you to seek medical advice prior to floating.
  • Can I float if I’m on my period?
    Yes, you can float while menstruating.The experience would be similar to going to a swimming pool while on your period.
  • How many people can float at a time?
    Our float pods are made for individual use only.
  • Do I need to shower prior to the float?
    Your hair will get wet while in the float pod - it’s inevitable! We do provide a hair dryer and all the styling tools you’ll need to quickly get ready for the rest of your day.
  • Should I wear a bathing suit in the pod?
    Birthday suits only! We also encourage you to remove watches and any jewelry to prevent potential damage caused by the salt content of the float pods.
  • How are the float pods cleaned?
    Float pods are cleaned and disinfected in between each flotation session. The water is filtered multiple times through either a 1 or 10 micron filter and treated with UV light to sanitize the water. There is also residual hydrogen peroxide for supplementary sanitation and oxidation.
  • Are float pods regulated?
    In response to floatation therapy’s growing popularity, The Ontario Ministry of Health provided recommendations for Floatation Tanks in August 2019. Our facilities have followed all guidelines to provide you with the best support possible.
  • Can or should I wear corrective eyewear (glasses or contact lens) in the float pod?
    Contact lens should be removed prior to entering the float pod. If salt gets into your eyes during your float, your eyes will become irritated. Wearing contact lenses will make it difficult to rinse the salt from your eyes quickly. Glasses can be worn, or removed prior to the float, depending on your preference.
  • Is float therapy covered under insurance?
    Float therapy is not covered by most insurance providers at this time.
  • Is there a set up fee?
    There is a one time set up fee in the amount of $75. This fee may be waived during promotional periods.
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